Spork’s First Baby Photo

Spork's First Baby Photo

I have decided to take weekends off from the blog, but thought it would be fun to share our first photo of Spork. In this picture she is only a 2 day old embryo! My old clinic does things a little “old school” and believes the sooner the embryo is back to Mom the better.

The new clinic is one of the best there is and grows embryos to day 5 or 6 and tests them for genetic viability. That’s why we only transfer one or two. I will pontificate on the differences between the two clinics in a later blog. But for now, here is Spork!

We have no way of knowing which one she is but I think she’s the one on the top right. What do you think?

One thought on “Spork’s First Baby Photo

  1. Definitely top right!!! Spork is so lucky to have such great parents and you guys are even luckier! Hope to see everyone soon:)

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