Denver Bound- Luckily

Today is the day we leave to go get our snow baby! I am feeling really calm and positive because my luck simply has to change.

Yesterday our little play date group threw a shower for the best ultrasound tech in the world. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. My sister reminded me that everything happens in threes which means that the embryo transfer is a sure thing.

We totally got the “juju out” over the weekend.

The casino themed party was wrought with bad luck before it began. First, Spork spiked a fever the day before the party. She is better today just in time for our trip. Fortunately, but also sadly, she is not coming with us (kind of hard to be on bed rest with a toddler around). My family is watching her in our home so she need not go to daycare today.

IMG_6575 IMG_6576

Next, my go-to baker went into the ER right as she was about to bake our adorable cake the night before the shower. My resilient friend and co-hostess Kari immediately went into action saying

“no, problem, we will have a cake baking party.”

Translation: I brought her all the goodies to make the cake  and watched her get started so I could get back to my feverish child. She was up past 1 AM frosting it. God bless you Kari.

IMG_6574 IMG_6586

Finally, the highlight of the party was supposed to be the masseuse we hired to give us all 30 minute massages.  An hour and a half before the party she was t-boned by another car while pulling left out of an intersection. The view of the oncoming car was blocked by a snow bank.  Her car was out of service and she was hospitalized for minor injuries. She is also my aunt so we were doubly relieved when we finally heard how she was doing.

Thankfully everyone survived the accident, the trip to the ER, and the baby shower of the century with only minor bumps and bruises.

The rest of the shower went well and included a couple of great “gifts” for me in recognition of our trip.

Kari and the other girls wore orange panties to the party in a showing of support. And of course I was able to drink out of a pregnant lady’s glass.

What wonderful friends I have!

We went with the casino theme because we know Kristy likes to go from time to time an we thought it was unique and adorable.  Who knew it would turn out to be such a gamble?

Here’s to hoping our luck has indeed turned and we come up aces on Thursday.


Karin, Katie, Kari, Kristy, Me
At the Baby “Sprinkle Spangle” as Kari likes to call it

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