Our Baby In A Box Has Arrived!


Our Baby was safely delivered on Friday April 11th at 2:30 PM. The new arrival weighs 8 lbs and 6 ounces, is 24 inches long, 18 inches deep, and 18 inches wide. Baby and Fed Ex delivery truck driver are both doing well.  The adoptive parents, however, are recovering from minor strokes after reviewing the bill.



3 vials human growth hormone                 $916

3 tabs valium                                                 $1

4 tabs methylprednisolone                            $7

1 tab promethazine                                       $1

2 vials progesterone in oil                             $55

4 tabs azithromycin                                      $4

7 kits Cetrotide                                             $662

6 450iu kits of Gonal-f (fsh)                          $2664

1 vial of lupron                                              $99

1 vial HCG                                                    $86

10 vials Menopur (fsh)                                 $730


Total                                                            $5224 out of pocket


Chance at giving Spork a sibling                 PRICELESS

One thought on “Our Baby In A Box Has Arrived!

  1. Holy cornucopia of pharmaceuticals! Your drugs cost less than ours but there are a lot more of them. I can’t imagine what that would have cost us at old clinic (we paid $4,500 for just one vial Lupron, 2 vials of 900 iu and 1 vial of 300 iu Puregon, 1 vial hCG and 2 weeks’ worth of Prometrium).

    Good luck!!

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