Fertilization Report… The Results Are In

We started with 16 eggs…


Of those 3 were immature so that left…


Two of those had already degenerated and one was damaged…


Of the 10 remaining not all of them fertilized so we now have…



Seven. Seven embryos that will be monitored by time lapse photography tonight and any of those that develop normally will be available to be transferred tomorrow at 9:30 AM.

I have mixed feelings right now. Truthfully, I am deeply saddened that we have only 7 embryos out of 16 eggs. We had 11 embryos when we did genetic testing and only three were normal. So if we have the same percentage of normals that means we may have only one or two normal embryos in this batch. 1.89 embryos to be exact, but it could be less or more.

Still, we have embryos. Many women my age do not have so many. Plus nothing good can come from being down about this. I have to get my mind and body in a state where it is ready to accept and grow an embryo into a beautiful baby.

So there you go. Mixed feelings.

Praying hard and trying to keep a positive mental attitude…


22 thoughts on “Fertilization Report… The Results Are In

  1. Stay positive girl! Remember the verse “with man this is impossible but with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26. God can take what looks like nothing much and turn it into something amazing!!

  2. Yikes, the numbers are just not in our favour in this game, are they? I admire your resilience and positive attitude. So you’re gambling on a high-ratio 3-day rather than waiting to see what survives to blast? Will you freeze whatever is left on day 3? Such a crapshoot, all of it, isn’t it? Considering you’re a numbers person, that must be rough (it’s hell for me and I’m not a numbers person!).

    No matter, I’m going to bank on this working and you getting a new addition to complement Spork out of this. This is a new cycle, a new game, a new plan, a new you. You are in it to win it and I’m cheering on those embryos. Grow, little ones, grow!

  3. That’s still 7 little possibilities! Keep your chin up. I’ll be thinking and praying for you guys tomorrow! I’m having faith that this is the one for you 😉

  4. It feels impossible to ignore numbers, but they also are never the whole story. I hope you are finding the peace in these days in between. Sending all the best for a beautiful transfer of healthy embryos!

  5. Well just think that is “average”.. when I had to go to our clinic’s mandatory IVF meeting, they said you can expect 50% to make it.. so in that sense, that is good! Try to keep up with the positive thoughts.. I know it’s hard when everything is focused on the numbers. Good luck!

    • Thanks! I have also been spoiled by high fert rates historically (always around 80 or 90%). Staying positive and getting stoked about tomorrow.

  6. 7 possibilities is great! Plus… and I know this doesn’t help but it is true… it only takes 1. So as long as you have the right one in those 7, you’ll be doing just fine!

  7. Wish we had 7….sounds like a great number to me! Keep strong !!

  8. I think this is almost always a situation where everyone hopes for more….I know that has always been the case for us but I often have to remind myself that it only takes one. Best of luck!

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