The Plan

Image by John Hensler via Flickr

Image by John Hensler via Flickr

It has been a whirlwind week with consultations with two different doctors and all the paperwork and prep that goes along with it. We also celebrated Bill’s 39th birthday on Thursday (better him than me in the fertility game!). Add in a hectic work schedule and it should be clear why I haven’t posted an update on our plans and consultation.

Today’s post is short and sweet as well. I bought Bill cooking classes for his birthday and we are headed there momentarily. However I wanted to let my dear friends and supporters know what we were up to as it relates to next steps in our pursuit of Spork’s sibling.

Dr. Superman was everything we expected him to be. The consultation went well and we have decided to give the new clinic a try. We will be cycling in July but are banking the embryos from three cycles and genetic testing them all. This means we won’t actually transfer until early next year which is a little disappointing but we are both excited about the fact that this is our best shot at another baby. We also like that we won’t have the ups and downs that go along with transferring after each of three stimulation cycles. So instead your average every day fertility roller coaster with a number of peaks and valleys it will be more like The Top Thrill Dragster, one enormous, anxiety provoking, and exhilarating ride when we get to transfer next year.

The road will still be a tough one. We will have only one month off between each stimulation cycle assuming the cysts that have plagued me are kept at bay. I know it will be physically demanding and of course outrageously pricey.

Still, I am sure it will be worth it. God, I pray it will all be worth it.


16 thoughts on “The Plan

    • Thanks- I took a long break from all things infertility and was about to start cycling again but had a major personal setback due to a couple of tragic losses in my family (Bill and Spork are ok). Trying to process it all and plan to post next weekend if I can find the words. 💚

    • Thank you my friend! I’m still processing how to write what I have to write when I return. Still on an extended break and will begin cycling in October. More to come as soon as I can get the courage up to write about all that has happened. More importantly I have to find the TIME. It’s going to be an epic post when I write it and given the summertime madness around here it’s hard to find a big chunk of time when I can just let it flow. 💜 Good luck with 1.2…

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