Pill Poppin’

This quick post is for those of you out there who struggle with egg quality or are low responders to stimulation meds. Here is the list of supplements I take daily. The list is from Celebrity Miracle Clinic and is especially designed for low responders. The acai supplement is based on a study the clinic is doing to ascertain the impact on egg quality in humans after promising animal studies. I was about to enroll in the study when I switched clinics.

Remember- consult your doctor! I am not a medical expert.

Please feel free to share other supplements or practices that you have found to improve quality and/or response as a reply to this post.


Myo Inostol 2gm

Co Enzyme q10 400mg

Omega-3 fatty acid 1000mg

Vitamin C 500mg

Vitamin E 200IU

L-arginine 1000mg

Pycnogenol 100mg

Acai Berry Veggie Cap 600mg


Vitamin D 2000 mg (under the advice of my Primary Care Physician)



Acai Berry Veggie Cap 600mg



Myo Inostol 2gm

Melatonin 3mg (women with thyroid issues should not take melatonin)

Co Enzyme q10 400mg

L-arginine 1000mg

Acai Berry Veggie Cap 600mg


5 thoughts on “Pill Poppin’

  1. I think I was on prenatals, B complex, dhea, CoQ10, iron, baby asprin, and zinc! Somehow taking all that stuff makes you feel like you have some control over something you don’t (at least for me anyway). I hope it works for you 🙂

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