The Results Are In… Sort Of


This morning I was the first person in the lab when they opened at 7 AM.

Still, I had to wait.

The results were audited and sent to my clinic at 7:48AM but the clinic didn’t receive them. The lab resent the results at 11 AM.

Still, I had to wait.

I called back at noon and all the nurses were on lunch.

Still, I had to wait.

I called back after lunch and they couldn’t find my chart. Apparently the doctor took it, never a GOOD sign.

Still, I had to wait.

Finally, the results. Beta of 5.6.

Technically at 12dpo I am clinically pregnant but the threshold is 5.0. My level is really low. They like to see it at 50 at this point.

It’s possible we have a late implanter, but more likely this is a chemical. Or worse, the levels could take off and end in a later miscarriage like last May.

For now I stay on the meds and retest on Thursday.

Still, we wait.

And we pray…

30 thoughts on “The Results Are In… Sort Of

  1. Oh I am praying that God takes over and performs the supernatural in your womb! I pray that His glory will be shown! xo

      • I hope that you don’t even need to consider that as an option! IF you do, it’s definitely worth a consult. They will do consults over Skype! I’d stick to the Las Vegas location. Shoot, I could plan someone’s entire trip. We found a house close to the clinic that is beautiful and cheaper than a hotel.

      • I might be biased, but I was TOTALLY impressed with Sher. (Not the first RE I went to either..)He is passionate about what he does and he’s been doing it forever! His rates may appear a little lower but when you really start digging, it’s because he’s not afraid to take on difficult cases even though it may reflect “poorly” on rates to the untrained eye. He’s always researching and thanks to that- we found out about my immunological issues. He thoroughly reviewed my chart and spend a huge bit of time with us on our skype consultation. We had his personal cell phone # from day 1. Check out his blog if you have time! Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. More waiting, what a tough spot to be in. I’m pulling for you and sending all the positive vibes in hopes that the little bean is just a late implanter and is busily sticking riight now..

    • Thanks so much Kristen. You are a great supporter and I hope you are right. I am cramping something awful tonight so this little one is either sticking or leaving. I hope its a clear result one way or the other. I have been in Beta limbo for 4 weeks before and its awful…

  3. Oh god. The wait will be like torture. I am hoping that the number starts to creep. Hugs to you x

  4. Praying praying praying for the number to double and triple quickly..!!

  5. Oh no. I’ve been down this road. I also know someone who has and it all worked out. Praying for you and your little baby. ❤

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